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Gannett Outfitters believes in stewarding nature not worshiping it



Gannett Outfitters believes in chasing something



Gannett Outfitters believes in loving people



Gannett Outfitters believes in being unordinary



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We make our products in small batches, or to order, creating sustainability and avoiding waste.

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Join us in supporting  Conservation Refugees.

National Park Sweatshirts

Gannett Outfitters' National Park sweatshirts are not just ordinary garments, but a statement of boldness and individuality. Amongst our most popular offerings are the Yellowstone National Park sweatshirts, each boasting a warm embrace and a distinctive flair. Our mission is not just to fashion stylish apparel but to channel our efforts towards education and the welfare of those displaced by conservation efforts.

Conservation Refugees

  • The United Nations (UN) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimate the range of conservation refugees worldwide is five million to tens of millions

  • Many governments and conservation organizations still promote removing indigenous populations from protected areas

  • We support organizations working with conservation refugees.

Gannett Outfitters Yosemite National Park

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Amidst the winds of travel and the pursuit of knowledge, Jordan Van Loo, at 25 years of age in 2020, found himself seeking refuge within the confines of his car. While traversing the vast expanses of the United States, he embarked on a journey of discovery that would lead him to the plight of indigenous peoples amidst the backdrop of conservation efforts. The term "conservation refugee" was foreign to him before this expedition, yet he soon learned of the millions of individuals worldwide who have been forced from their homes and lands due to conservation efforts. Astonishingly, half of the land designated as protected areas across the globe was previously occupied or utilized by indigenous peoples. In the United States, this number increases to a staggering 80%. This is not an issue of the past but one that persists to this day, as large conservation NGOs continue to advocate for the displacement of indigenous groups from their lands. In response, Jordan established Gannett Outfitters as a means to raise awareness of the struggles faced by conservation refugees.

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