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Gannett Outfitters believes in stewarding nature not worshiping it



Gannett Outfitters believes in chasing something



Gannett Outfitters believes in loving people



Gannett Outfitters believes in being unordinary



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We make our products in small batches, or to order, creating sustainability and avoiding waste.

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Join our community as we chase something together and impact lives for the better. 



Gannett Outfitters

Gannett Outfitters is about providing unique, high-quality outdoor apparel and gear. We support stewarding nature, not worshiping it. The Western approach to protecting nature has mostly stayed the same since the days of conservation hardliners like Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir. Early conservation efforts were as much about removing indigenous populations from desirable land as they were about protecting biodiversity. However, we now know that one of the best ways to preserve biodiversity within a site is to work alongside indigenous tribes to help save species. While our understanding of science has advanced, many of the conservation tactics taken on by large conservation organizations have not. Many still promote excluding indigenous populations from within protected areas which is a mindset inherited from the racist and non-scientific ideology of the mid-1850s. Non-human nature has been placed above human life and resulted in the death of thousands and the displacement of millions. The type of conservation that leads to the loss of human life shouldn't be supported. That is why I started Gannett Outfitters. We seek to support organizations tackling conservation issues and working with indigenous tribes and conservation refugees. We want the world to be a better place for everyone.


Steward nature, chase something, love people, and be unordinary. 

-Jordan Adrift

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As I traveled around the US, camping in my car and tent while visiting National Parks, I wanted better quality and more variety of sweatshirts available at the National Park gift shops. This desire would lead me to begin designing my own. Around this same time, my eyes were opened to the actual impact conservation efforts have had on indigenous people groups across the globe. Before 2020 I didn't know what a conservation refugee was, let alone that there are millions in the world today. Gannett Outfitters is a company that sells clothing and stickers, but to me, it is so much more than that because it is my way of attempting to make a small difference in people's lives and raising awareness of the voices of conservation refugees.

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