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Batwa Children in Class

These unique sticker designs are created using pictures drawn by children from the Batwa tribe in Southern Uganda. We work with a nonprofit that runs a school for children from the Batwa tribe and help support their education through our sales. 

Gannett Outfitters Education Icon

Since 2020 our stickers have helped provide for the needs of Batwa children by helping cover school fees.

Gannett Outfitters building project icon

In 2021 our stickers helped complete a building project for a new dormitory as well as a multi use building.

Gannett Outfitters Farming Icon

Since 2023 our stickers supported  sustainable food projects for the Batwa so that the children don't go hungry.

Jordan, MI

“I love these stickers and I think its a beautiful idea to use something so small to make a difference in peoples lives."

Conservation Refugees

Over 12% of all land, an area of 11.75 million square miles, is now under conservation protection. In creating national parks and protected spaces, conservationists have forced millions of native peoples from their ancestral lands, causing generations of poverty, death, and crime. Removing native people from their traditional way of life is not an issue of the past. The criminalization and expulsion of native people continue to this day across the globe, all in the name of conservation and biodiversity. The Miwok, Paiute, and Ahwahnneechee of Yosemite Valley. The Maasai of Eastern Africa. The Batwa of Uganda. The Basarwa of Botswana. Tribes and peoples who had lived and cultivated the land in harmony for thousands of years have been killed, pushed out, and forgotten by a world that seeks to protect 'nature' while living lives far more damaging to nature than the aforementioned groups. Gannett Outfitters seeks to encourage discussion about what nature, conservation, and wilderness truly mean and use our resources to give back to conservation refugees.

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